Our first Carolean: Lieutenant Colonel JOACHIM VON WACHENFELT

Joachim Fredrik von Wachenfelt was the first child of Barbara Kistmacher and ColonelDavid Friedrich von Wachenfelt. He was born in 1680, in his maternal grandparents’ home in Güstrow. He was named for Barbara’s father, Joachim Kistmacher, a doctor of law, who was also the mayor of Güstrow. It seems that the von Wachenfelt family lived in Güstrow during the better part of the 1680s. Barbara had four more children, two boys, and two girls. The fact that all of them lived to adulthood, past the crucial first five years, is a testament to that they lived well and were very healthy. David Friedrich knighted The biggest family event during that decade, apart from the arrival of the children, was that King Charles XI of Sweden knighted David von Wachenfeldt in 1788. Pomerania, where they lived, was a part of Sweden at the time. Barbara dies We do not know much…

What is a Carolean?

A Carolean was a young military man fighting under King Charles XII of Sweden in the Great Northern War (1700-1721). Carolean comes from Carolus which is the Latin form of Charles. Charles was neither an ordinary king nor an ordinary commander in chief. That he became king at 15, was not unusual in the 1600s. What was unusual, however, was that the Swedish government did not appoint a regent to rule on his behalf. Charles became the de facto ruling monarch upon the death of his father, Charles XI. The playboy makes a promise At first, he behaved predictably like a 1690s playboy king. He partied until all hours, he hunted bears with his friends and generally misbehaved. Then, during one of his soirées, a young cousin of his fell to his death out of a palace window. Called before his grandmother, the formidable Queen Dowager Hedvig Eleonora, he showed…


All the Old Colonel’s sons joined the military. Since they grew up in Swedish Wismar in Northern Germany his eldest three served in Swedish regiments there. All three were Caroleans because they fought in the Great Northern War with King Charles XII of Sweden. I will start by explaining a little about Caroleans. Then I will introduce you to these three war heroes who also happen to be the first generation von Wachenfelt immigrants in Sweden.

Wachenhusen/von Wachenfeldt family origins

The Wachenhusen/von Wachenfeldt family has its origins in the little hamlet of Wachenhusen in Hannover, Germany. Our forbear, Colonel David Friedrich Wachenhusen, was knighted von Wachenfelt by the Swedish king, Carl XI in 1688. The event took place at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. He served under two Swedish kings, Carl X Gustav, and his son, Carl XI. The colonel’s own sons served on practically every front of the Great Nordic War under the young king, Carl XII. Miraculously they survived battles and imprisonment. The king was slain at Fredrikshald in Norway. After his death, the oldest son returned to Sweden with other sremnants of the great Swedish army. Since then, von Wachenfelts have served Sweden in all manner of areas. Many have been military officers, clergymen, civil servants, and diplomats. Some were engineers, medical doctors, pharmacists, and teachers. Others were journalists, writers, artists, athletes. And you will also find…